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Angelie's PolyBELLY® Dance

    Angelie Bliss Created a FUSiON of Polynesian & Belly Dancing with a House / Modern / Techno / Groove Music that's been Performed with Sword Balancing, Veil(s), & 4 Poi Balls Dancing.
      Angelie's Masterpiece PolyBELLY® Dances:
      *** "LiFE is a CHALLENGE" ***
      In Every Challenge Happening in Our Lives,
      Whatever Direction it's Going,
      We Have to Learn to Focus Our Mind,
      to Find Back Our CENTER,
      to BALANCE Our Everyday Way of Living.
      *** "WONDERS of the WORLD" ***
      To SEE the REAL Beauty and Wonders of the WHOLE World
      is to GO BEYOND
      the CHALLENGiNG Material WORLD.
      *** "LiFE is SEXY & GOLDEN" ***
      Despite the CHALLENGES in Our LiVES,
      LiFE is Still FULL of LOVE & ABUNDANCE.
      iT's Just a Matter of HOW to LiVE with iT FULLY EVERYDAY To Be in ViCTORY.
      *** "LiFE is SWEET" ***
      No Matter How HARD LiFE is,
      ENJOY Every Moment oF iT
      so iT's EASY to MOVE oN
      and Be PREPARED for the UNEXPECTED.
      *** "LiFE is LOVE" ***
      To LOVE LiFE is to BELiEVE in ONESELF
      with COURAGE to DO the iMPOSSiBLE.
      ©2013 Angelie Bliss
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